What’s Next for Blockchain?

Blockchains could store up to 10 percent of our global GDP in the future, upwards of $8 trillion. Some proclaim it the new “internet of value.” Yet others predict its demise, perhaps following in the path of the overhyped but prescient Apple Newton or even the once bright X.400 standard. Is blockchain technology poised for […]

India ready to explore blockchain tech, but no change in stance on cryptocurrency

The Indian government is getting more serious about using blockchain technology into the growing digital economy of the country. But this does not mean it is going soft on cryptocurrencies. “Distributed ledger system or the block chain technology allows organization of any chain of records or transactions without the need of intermediaries,” said finance minister Arun Jaitely […]

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain might seem like magical fairy dust that companies throw about that suddenly sparks interest in their businesses. But the complexities of fairy dust far exceed the real inner workings of blockchain technology. A blockchain is a distributed public ledger that uses cryptography to ensure the record is practically immutable. The idea was created by […]